Monday, April 13, 2009

Another Mark Ryden

Last weekend, we stopped by at B&N. It was actually just for using their restroom, but we wound up browsing a bit. I initially looked for domino book, thinking that it would be cheaper buying in store and avoiding the shipping fee. It turned out that it would be cheaper if I order it online. It can wait. Then my DH pointed out Hi Fructose magazine on their magazine section. I couldn't believe my eyes seeing Mark Ryden's painting as its cover. I just had to buy it.
The object of his painting isn't always my favorite, but his skill is amazing. I keep scrutinizing his works from books that I own or magazines like hi fructose and wondering how anyone can do such an amazing work like that.
(image from

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Pretty Pillows

Urban Outfitters home section has gotten better and better every time I go there. They have their store in downtown and half of the second floor is dedicated for their sale section. I pretty much ignore their clothing lines sale. I feel like the quality isn't worth it for that amount of price. But I love love their home section.
I've gotten cheap pretty pillows from them. Those pillows also have zippers. Something that's quite unusual to find from throw pillow.
Here is what I bought last weekend

(image from

The pillow is really pretty even my DH really likes it. It's only $14.99. Love it.
This is the other pillow that I also plan to get

Friday, April 3, 2009

I got myself a pretty thing

I browsed on ebay couple days ago at their home decor section and stumbled upon a pretty kilim ottoman. It was on clearance for around $25. There was already another bidder, but I just braced myself for the best. I won at the end:)
This will be so versatile. I can put it in our bedroom or living room. I thought of getting a floor cushion, but was worried that it would look so out of place in our living room.
I initially considered something like this. It was listed on amazon as a meditation zen yoga pillow, but I could picture that as something more than a yoga pillow. Something that will give your eyes their zen from joy of seeing a beautiful decor piece in a room. The price at $35 isn't too bad for a floor cushion.
(image above:

I picture that cushion above in something like this

(image above:

My pretty kilim

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Wednesday, April 1, 2009

First posting

This is so weird. I actually feel nervous exposing myself through my first posting.
Anyway, I just got this Mark Ryden book. The book is amazing and inspiring. It has good quality pictures and includes some amazing sketches. I just love it.
I got it for a pretty good deal, too, by using B&N coupon. I was debating between getting domino the book of decorating or this book. Well, I chose this book because the coupon worked better if I ordered this.

(image above: