Friday, April 3, 2009

I got myself a pretty thing

I browsed on ebay couple days ago at their home decor section and stumbled upon a pretty kilim ottoman. It was on clearance for around $25. There was already another bidder, but I just braced myself for the best. I won at the end:)
This will be so versatile. I can put it in our bedroom or living room. I thought of getting a floor cushion, but was worried that it would look so out of place in our living room.
I initially considered something like this. It was listed on amazon as a meditation zen yoga pillow, but I could picture that as something more than a yoga pillow. Something that will give your eyes their zen from joy of seeing a beautiful decor piece in a room. The price at $35 isn't too bad for a floor cushion.
(image above:

I picture that cushion above in something like this

(image above:

My pretty kilim

(image from

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